Any Three Rolls $13.95

Alaska RollSpicy Yellowtail Roll
Asparagus RollSpicy Scallop Roll
Avocado RollSpicy Shrimp Roll
Avocado and Cucumber RollSalmon Skin Roll
Boston RollSpicy California Roll
California RollSpicy Crabmeat Roll
Chicken Tempura RollSweet Potato Roll
Cucumber RollSalmon Mango Roll
Crabmeat RollShrimp Tempura Roll
Double Spicy Roll (4 pcs)Spicy White Tuna (Escolar) Roll
Eel Avocado RollTuna and Mango Roll
Eel Cucumber RollTuna Roll
Mango Avocado RollTuna Avocado Roll
Philadelphia RollVegetable Roll
Peanut Avocado RollVolcano Roll (4 pcs)
Pepper Tuna w. Avocado RollWhite Tuna (Escolar) Avocado Roll
Salmon RollSpicy Tuna Roll
Yellowtail Scallion RollSpicy Salmon Roll
Salmon Avocado Roll

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